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Why Discuss?

“A wrong decision after a discussion is better than a correct decision without discussion” (Imam AsSyafii – A very prominent Muslim scholar)

There are three fundamental reasons why I think the above statement is very true and important to achieve great things:

1. To discuss is to think
In discussion We are put in a situation that encourage with the better solution to a problem every time. Question the current solution to achieve perfection and learn a lot in the process.

2. To discuss is to listen
In discussion every one is forced to be humble and to listen. The better idea might come not from the eldest person, but from the youngest. It might not come from the most experience person but from a newbie. Remember that you can learn from anyone and then discuss to learn together.

3. To discuss is to work TOGETHER
Build on top of each other ideas, experience and perspective is definitely fundamental in discussion. We can achieve more things by working together and discussion a the first step to work together.

All the three elements above should exist in a good discussion. This what make decisions that come out from the discussion is good despite its correctness. Because the learning process that took place ensure that We have solid foundation, not just in the current decision making process, but also in the future.


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