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Why discussing on social media is not a good idea.

I used to participate in a lot of discussions on Facebook.

Someone would put up a status update on why things are the way they are or how things should be different from what they are.

And somehow, I would get this compelling need to give a piece of my mind. So I would pop in into those discussions.

After a while I realised two things happen and nothing good really ever comes out of such discussions.

  1. The first, is that someone will get angry.
  2. Even if it ends amicably, it’s a forgotten point that no one would act upon. All that time wasted on talking for nothing.

And that’s what we want to avoid when we build qiscus.

We don’t want qiscus to be a social platform where you throw your piece of mind like a 20 cents coin. It is also neither a place where you throw your coin and you forget you ever threw it in.

We want qiscus to be a private platform where you give your measured inputs in a civilized discussion. Most importantly, you act upon the points of the discussion to create something valuable.

So before you give your piece of mind on something, take a while to see if it’s even worth you time to do so!


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