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Why is there no limits in file storage in your qiscus accounts?

Do you ever get irritated when you do not have enough storage space on your phones with the copious amount of contacts, apps or photos? And that annoying notification telling you to start deleting stuff if you want to save something else?

Or maybe, you just start buying phones with a higher storage capacity at a higher price just so you can accommodate your needs. Space is a basic necessity and with data management getting more efficient, do you really want to pay more for something that is going to become more efficient as time passes?  

Say goodbye to paying more! File storage is unlimited here and it is free!

Everyone wants to have their information kept confidential so file sizes are limited to ensure that the products are not used for unwarranted file transfer or file trafficking. We do not want a leak in information do we?

For the accounts that are free, the files are limited at 2MB which is great for personal use. For those that want to send bigger files, you can upgrade to the Premium account where there is a 15MB limit. And for those million dollar deals, get an Enterprise account because you can customize the limit!

Just use Qiscus with an ease of mind because we have thought of everything for you.


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