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Why We Move From AWS to Heroku

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is amazing cloud computing service for start up that need cloud server to run their applications.

We use AWS EC2 in our previous application (Phidecks). We set the server on top of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS operating system on EC2, we choose server that based on Singapore. We set up from scratch and design all the architecture of our application. We also need to install and set up all the dependencies (plugins or applications) then we need to maintain and take care.

As start up, we don’t know what kind of application that we really need to build, in first stage, everything is just based on assumption, we need to build prototype as fast as we can to show our idea then validate. Time is valuable. If we think back, the time that we spend on the server and set up all the dependencies from the scratch can be spend to other more important thing such as customer validation or change the feature etc. We need better platform.

Heroku let us just push and go. Everything is already set up. We only need to focus on our apps and Heroku will handle the everything else. For our current stage of development, Heroku do the job well.Yes it is expensive but we need to develop and focus on our apps as fast as we can. May be until some point in the future we move again to AWS or to another cloud server provider, we still don’t know, just let see how it goes first.

By the way, Heroku is run on top of AWS.


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