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Work Anywhere Means Being There for Your Loved Ones When They Need You

My mom was admitted into the hospital last night

Thankfully it’s nothing serious. It was a case of food poisoning and she’s being admitted to make sure that all is well. But she’s doing well and is quite lively today.

So I decided to accompany her while waiting for her to be discharged. That means being away from office for a day and that got mean thinking.


What’s more important than being able to work so seamlessly and in sync with teams in different continents is…

It’s to be there for your love ones when they need you. In this case, it wasn’t so serious. I could take a day off doing work while standing ( you know the fancy way of working ) beside my mum in the hospital.


to be able to attend to your love ones when they really need you.

But how other people who are going through very tough times together with their love ones.

Like a parent who attends to their very sick child,

Or a working child who dutifully attends to his/her sick parent

Or taking leave from work to buy some porridge for your spouse who’s not feeling very well.

When we designed qiscus, it was built to allow teams to maximise teamwork and collaboration.

We realise that we shouldn’t forget potentially qiscus could be a tool that allows productivity yet allow you to build better relationships with your love ones.

Thinking about this alone gives me the warm fuzzy feeling. It sure is nice to work on something we’re passionate about.

– Amin

ps. If you’re interested to see qiscus click below:


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